Cars & Trucks

Every child will want to play with one or all of these "moving vehicles". Since they can't "drive" the real thing, these handmade wooden toy trucks will stimulate their imagination and creativity which can make it all seem real to them. The fine craftsmanship of these solid hardwood toy trucks make them collector items and heirlooms to be passed down through the generations. Many "big kids" will want them for their wooden handcrafted toy collection as well.

(click on picture to see large photo and detailed description)

Log Truck With Logs

Tow Truck

Crane Truck

Conventional Tractor and Trailers

Roadster Coupe

Car Carrier w/4 Black Walnut Cars

Small Tractor and Trailers Set

Dump Truck

Tractor w/Tandem Trailer

Panel Trucks

Most of our toy trucks, trailers and toy trains works together as a system and/or can be
interchangeable in some way. For example, all trucks can be towed with the tow truck.


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